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    Hakeem Nicks is not that Hurt, stop making excuses because i am not buying it

    correct me if i am wrong, but

    1. Nicks wasn't even on the injury report this week and was a full go at practice.

    2. I didnt see him limp once all game. In fact he stiff armed someone to the ground on 1 play to pick up the first down, and he looked like his old self running those deep patterns. Especially on the first play of the game where Eli should have lead him more to the middle of the field.

    3.There is no way in hell you could tell me he was more hurt last night than in the bucs game.

    That being said, it is time for him to step up again. I/we gave him the benefit of the doubt these past few weeks, especially when he was limping and looking sluggish. Last night he looked fine running up and down the field.

    Another person who needs to step up is bennett, and i said it last week and before the game. He has a knack for dropping passes. He did it in dallas and he is doing it here also. He is a damn good blocker and has made some key plays for us, but he has to stop dropping the ball. Yesterday he had both of his hands on a pass that was thrown a little high, but that is no excuse either. he is 6'6, the pocket was closing in on eli and we needed to keep the drive a live late in the 4th quarter. When i say step up, those are the types of plays you have to make.

    Last but not least, hixon needs to also step up also. And Eli needs to stay focused. We need him to be the Good eli. This whole thing is a team effort and i only mentioned the offensive unit in this post. I have reason to believe coaching is part of the reason we arent playing good, as well as execution.

    I almost lost my mind when we threw the back shoulder to randell on 3rd and 1 when we were running the ball well at the start of the game. I hated the fact we didnt try to run the ball at the end of the half to help step up tynes with better field position.

    But there were also plays that were left on the field. On the Eli interception nicks was running open and if the ball was thrown better cruz could have been able to make a play. There was also a batted down pass where cruz was wide open on a 3rd down. Some of it could have been mis communication

    We are 6-3 with a lot of football left to be played. This loss is the reason why i am happy when we win games as long as the team plays hard and no one is injured. Because when you lose it sucks.

    Go Saints
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    LOL so he went from having one of the best post season numbers for WR to a bench player in half a season? Give me a break, he isn't getting any separation at all. He is clearly hurt.

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    Nicks is clearly hurt and it's hurting the team right now. He doesn't have the same burst or separation like he normally does. Not only that, it's affecting his timing with Eli. Why do you think Eli's numbers have gotten worse over the last couple of weeks, it's hurting the team more by having Nicks in there rather than putting in Hixon or someone else.

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    the whole offense sucked....period
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    It's silly to try to assess the extent of an NFL player's injury from your couch.

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    Weren't you the one saying raving that we were 6-2 and that we are spoiled? This was when Nicks still wasn't playing well. What changed? Oh because we lost? Got it.
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    ]LOL so he went from having one of the best post season numbers for WR to a bench player in half a season?
    he is not a bench player. he is a good receiver that needs to step up. we are the super bowl defending champs. teams are going to play us harder this year. they are keying in on him and cruz more so than the previous seasons. Nicks has to step his game up more this year. He is running fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    the whole offense sucked....period
    So simple yet so eloquent
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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    the whole offense sucked....period
    thats pretty much what i am saying. its a team thing. I just dont want to hear any excuses for any specific player

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    You don't need to be an expert to see he is not healthy. Lol. I loved the stories of him just resting to get back to 100%. He will be 100% next year after a full off season.

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