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Thread: Superstition

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    Smile Superstition

    Mine is, I never bet on the Giants to Win ! It worked all of Last year, up to the Super Bowl ! WHAT'S YOURS ? Keep it clean !

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    [QUOTE=BillTheGreek;570319 Keep it clean ![/QUOTE]

    Darn it!... umm watching pre-game coverage every Sunday morning, weekly gameday menu thread, maintaining good spirits about the season

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    All-Pro Eliscruzzz's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Warwick NY
    Every time I watch inside the NFL the Giants lose this year....which sucks cuz I love that show.

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    Starter nygfan90's Avatar
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    You really dont want to know. You guys might think im a little crazy lol

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    Veteran CowboysSuck's Avatar
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    not much. Put my lawrence taylor jersey on with my rosary and Giants hat. Watch game and act like a maniac. pretty simple

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    Sorry, got none!!!!

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    honestly, its the same. I always root against the giants up until the day before the game. I picture how awful they are at every aspect. I then go into the game with a lot of hope however so its quite meaningless at the end.

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    I have to wear all my giants gear during the game and cannot watch any pregame shows because they usually predict
    an outcome, and THAT will jinx big blue! lol

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    I can't wear any Giants gear on Game Day!
    When I do, bad things happen.
    Do not feed the trolls.

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    Veteran Razur's Avatar
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    I watch the entire game on my feet, with audio off..

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