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That is a young team right now. What do you want from him? He bought in Mark Barron and Doug Martin and some nice late round picks. He's a better talent evaluator than anyone on my team or your team. Don't forget that his division is brutal as well.

They might not make the playoffs this year, but that team will make some noise in the NFC soon. Especially, if they give their quarterback a better receiving cast.

I don't want anything from him. His college career - just like his NFL career thus far - is largely undistinguished.

I don't know who your team is so I can't comment but he sure isn't a better talent evaluator than those on the Giants staff. Further, are you sure he makes all the personnel decisions as well? The GM doesn't have any say in those? That's an interesting, albeit highly flawed model.

Regardless, he may at some point become regarded as great, but he's got alot to accomplish between then and now.

I do agree with you about the division though, it is pretty crappy.