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    Perry Fewell: Giants' Defense Has "Showed Lapses In Play"


    Excerpt: "Head coach Tom Coughlin said this week that the New York Giants' defense was "soft" at times in a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green said Thursday that the Giants' defense had "a lot of holes."

    What does Giants' defensive coordinator Perry Fewell think of his team, ranked well down the NFL list at 26th overall in terms of yards allowed per game?" Read more...
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    File this one under "DUH"!!

    C'mon PF...we all can see that. Just fix it!!
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    Dbs need to get it going cause their coverage stink like limburger Cheese.

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    That's an obvious statement. I think my grandma could route an out and up and beat our coverage at times..

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    the defense is playing very tentative. They are worried about all the contigencies of what "may" happen and they are slow to react to what is actually happening. They kept leaving the middle open last week by not shedding and also seemingly waiting for the cut backs that very rarley happened.
    They are not playing down hill at all.........
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