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    David Diehl is getting abused

    David Diehl is getting abused like a red-headed stepchild for two weeks in a row. Pick anybody else to take his spot.

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    I'm pretty sure we could put in Blackburn at RT and he would do better than DD at this point...

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    Where is Locklear? Put the O-line back the way it was before Diehl.

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    Wish they put him in prison.

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    You can't blame Eli when Diehl is invisible.

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    TC stubborn as a mule regarding Diehl. Maybe the blowout loss will be the catalyst to bench Diehl.

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    also of note....water is wet, sky is blue, dogs bark, and cats meow

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    Yeah the O-line has got to give protection most of the time so Eli can do his thing like look aways and checkdowns.

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    Boothe didnt look good either....can you even tell me one offensive linemen that played well? Snee looked bad...Baas is terrible, and Boothe needs to sit too.

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    I glad the giants are losing. keep putting Diehl in, you already know where this season is heading

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