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    One positive sign of this game

    Hold on, might need 2 weeks to try and figure this one out.
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    I was going to say...what on earth in terms of a positive could the biggest optimist in the world find in that pathetic God awful performance

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    The positive is that the game is over.

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    Lol good one.
    Uh..go Giants?

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    Prince was probably the only positive out of this game... maybe A. Brown.

    But yea.. two weeks to try to figure this **** out helps

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    Positive is that we don't have to watch them play again for two weeks...
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    Well the water boys looked very in synched. didnt see a single dropped bottle

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    Blackburns back and the defense looks better

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    The Giants will get on the plane shortly and will be away from the Bengals.
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    I think the only positive i got out of this game was seeing Batman. That's it

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