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Thread: Stanely Cup Final

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    Stanely Cup Final

    Calling it now!

    Blackhawks over Rangers in 5!

    Stats don't lie!! Get well #80!

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    Re: Stanely Cup Final

    islanders over whoever in 4.

    like it matters who they play. DOMINATION!

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    Re: Stanely Cup Final

    Blackhawks over Capitals in 6, and I'm a Devils fan lol

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    Re: Stanely Cup Final

    Either Red Wings over Penguins in 5


    Canucks over Bruins in 5.

    Can't go against my Red Wings, but I would like to see the Canucks win one if it's not the Wings again.

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    Re: Stanely Cup Final

    [quote user="jax5338"]islanders over whoever in 4.

    like it matters who they play. DOMINATION!


    Oh man, back in 84....

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    Re: Stanely Cup Final


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