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    I identified the issues,they are not fixable without draft.

    There is a severe lacking of quality lbs.They expose the schemes of the field and put un-needed pressure on secondary and dline.Boley is so-so,other than there is not 1 lb that any other team would want.Kivanuka is out of position and slow as a matter of fact.This defense will continue to be bad and that is not fixable without undoing the current personal.The free agent position for the next 2 yrs for lbs is pretty bad so there is no help in that market.The oline especially rt will continue to limit the time Eli has to study the defenses and instead have to force quick decisions which is not something he does well.Another issue is the wrs can't seperate,and Eli has to fit the ball in,all the time. I said this before the year and no I am not adding on,we need a higher draft position to address those holes that are evident,and the free agency market looks poor the next 1 - 2 yrs.

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    Your saying Eli doesn't read defenses quickly well???

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    Every qb wants time to study what the d is putting to the table and Diel is getting murdered all the time.There is just too much pressure on Eli and that has been for the past 2 yrs.He has had to cover for issues,that are now again becomming visible.

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    Eli is the best at what he does over any qb I have studied,but he has 0 help every single week and he has had to put forth 1 miracle after another.

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    I've found a few fixes....

    Andre Brown
    Put Cruz in motion
    Play action pass

    Just to name a few.
    "They come to the line of scrimmage and the first thing they do is start looking for me....I know, and they know. When they’d find me they’d start screaming: 56 left ! 56 left!....So there’s this thing I did. After the play was over I’d come up behind them and whisper: don’t worry where I am. I’ll tell you when I get there."
    - Lawrence Taylor

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    Issue is blackburn cant cover and kivanuka can't as well.Boley can cover.But when you have 2 major holes at lb,that is far too many.Given the good crop of qbs we are about to play,I am worried that is gona bite us.Once Phillips is back,our secondary is mangeable and actually will be avg - to above avg.Lbs are as bad as we ever had.

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    Lets hope for the best,and hope the dline can again cover for the lb issues.But we need the dline to play far far far far beyond what they have so far.We would need the 2007 dline to somehow reappear.Is that possible,it is,but not likely.

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