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Thread: Schedule Predicting

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    3-3 Maybe.

    4-2 This Record Or Better Will Win The Giants The NFC East. I Don't See Dallas No More Than 4 or 5 Games Looking At Their Remaining Schedule. 4-2 Or Better Will Win The NFC East For The Giants.
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    Cowboys predctions:
    vCLE: Win
    vWAS: Win
    vPHI: Lose
    @CIN: Win
    vPIT: Lose, only if Roflsburger is back though
    vNO: Lose, Brees in a dome is godlike, and Spags knows how to pummel Romo from his time with us.
    @WAS: Win.
    Cowboys finish 8-8, MAYBE 9-7, with 4-2 in division.

    Giants predictions (hopeful edition, if the slump gets fixed):
    vGB: Win. We come out with a vengeance after the bye week and TC finally sees the light.
    @WAS: Win. We beat them once in the slump already, we'll leave them in the dust by halftime.
    vNO: Win. In the Meadowlands, in December, Brees won't be the same. Hopefully there will be a blizzard on gameday too...
    @ATL: Lose. Don't see us beating them in RyanDome...
    @BAL: Win.
    vPHI: Lose, because TC likes to forget how to coach when Philly is in town.
    Final:11-5 (3-3 division), 3rd seed

    If we don't get our **** together during the bye however, we also lose the GB, NO, and BAL games (and barely squeak by against WAS), and go 8-8 (3-3 div), and lose the division.

    So, ball is on your field players and coaches. You have control of our destiny, it's up to you to actually secure it. #WAKETHE****UP
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    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    ^Not bad predictions. I'm hoping Washington can beat Dallas at least once for us though.

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