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I have also rewatched every play and I absolutely do not agree.

I want you to focus in on the backs. After about midway into the 2nd quarter, our offensive blocking completely changed.

Typically, Bradshaw or whoever is in at back, will block the 1st guy through. In other words, he is supposed to block the guy who poses the biggest immediate threat to Eli. On Sunday, midway throught the 2nd quarter our backs stopped doing that completely and were assigned to help DD on every play. Watch for yourselves. The backs were always lined up to Eli's right and always helped DD, no matter what. They were obviously told to do so. Unfortunatly this allowed other guys through. If we have to compensate for a guy, doesnt that indicate he is a problem?

So while DD's guy may not have been in on the play on every play, he was owning DD enough that he required help on every play. That is just not good. I do not agree at all with PFF, or anyone who says that DD did not have a horrendous day.
OMG this... It must be DD's run blocking that saved his grade. We sure didn't have a problem running the ball. Bradshaw had 5.7 YPC on the game, Brown had 6.0 before his 29 yarder, 9.7 with it. The only problem with our running game is that we didn't run it more on the Bengals.

But to say that he's "better" because he has Bradshaw and Bennett chipping for him all day long is just plain BS.

DD had been a great Giant for many years, but like i've been saying for a while now, he belongs in our Ring of Honor, not our Offensive Line...