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    Cowboys & Giants Common Opponents & Tiebreaker

    Ok the Giants have 6 games left the Cowboys have 7 more left, The Giants are on their bye week. With the amount of games left what if the Giants & Cowboys tie at the end of the season? Who would have the tiebreaker right now? I will break it down.

    The Giants & Cowboys split the season series.

    So lets look at the common opponents. The Giants & Cowboys both have played some NFC East, NFC South and AFC North opponents.

    AFC North:

    Steelers - The Giants lost to the Steelers 24-20. The Cowboys have played the Steelers yet.
    Ravens - The Cowboys lost Ravens 31-29. The Giants haven't played the Ravens yet.
    Bengals - The Giants lost to the Bengals 31-13. The Cowboys haven't played the Bengals yet.
    Browns -The Giants beat the Browns 41-27. The Cowboys play the Browns this sunday.

    NFC South:

    Falcons - The Cowboys lost to the Falcons 19-13. The Giants haven't played the Falcons yet.
    Saints - Neither team has played the Saints yet.
    Buccaneers - The Giants beat the Bucs 41-34. The Cowboys beat the Bucs 16-10.
    Panthers - The Giants beat the Panthers 36-7. The Cowboys beat the Panthers 19-14.

    NFC East:

    Giants - Cowboys beat the Giants 24-17.
    Cowboys - Giants beat the Cowboys 29-24.
    Eagles - Eagles beat the Giants 19-17. The Cowboys beat the Eagles 38-23.
    Redskins - Giants beat the Redskins 27-23. The Cowboys haven't played the Redskins yet.

    So right now as it looks the Cowboys would have the slight edge for the tiebreaker only because they beat the Eagles and the Giants lost to the Eagles. But there is a lot of fooball left and if the Browns were to beat the Cowboys this sunday the Giants will gain in a big way. The Giants are still in 1st place in the NFC East so they basically control their own destiny and both the Giants & Cowboys have some tough games on their remaining schedules. The Eagles & Redskins haven't been eliminated yet but its starting to look like its going to come down to the Cowboys & Giants for the NFC East.
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