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    Re: Love the Gruden firing for this one reason

    Obviously, a lot of you guys didn't see a lot of Bucs games in the past few years. You do NOT want Gruden anywhere near our sidelines, especially since so many of you hate Gilbride. KG makes Gruden look like a high school JV mascot. Tampa hasn't had an offense in Grudens tenure EVER. They have been horrible.

    This is all moot because he'd never take a job as anything less than a HC, but trust me. You do not want him anywhere near this team. They'd have to shut this board down

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    Re: Love the Gruden firing for this one reason

    No way no day..........Gruden has an ego the size of Texas and would only consider taking a head-coaching job..........besides, the man was fired for good reason-----have you seen the Tampa Bay offense, it STINKS (the man doesn't have talent as a player evaluator either--how many quarterbacks did he have in camp this season??)...........Gruden would just confuse Eli with his exotic 55-word play calls anyway.....

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