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    Week 12- A healthy Hixon or Randle as the #3 WR?

    Hixon provides a lot of versatility. And by choosing Randle, that doesn't mean "relegate Hixon to ST only." Personally, I'd rather Randle. He's shown me enough up to this point where I believe he can be integrated into the scheme and really threaten defenses in ways I dont believe Hixon can. Hixon has made some amazing catches, but imo he just isnt threatening defenses consistently. They single up on him 99% of the time, part of the issues was Hixon and Bennett werent doing enough during that slump (but no one was really so hard to single them out).

    Randle has made enough plays where I think he could be more dangerous on a snap to snap basis. I may be jumping the gun a little, but I think Randles play at least has earned the right to discuss the possibility.

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    Randle is starting to learn the offense better and better. I say let him start and keep learning. We already know what we can get out of Hixon. To me Randle can be a huge difference maker if he gets this offense down.

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    I think for now it's Hixon due to the coaches trust in him. I love Randle n think he could be extremely big for us in the future but for now..

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    Hixon has spent more time in Eli's offense than Randle. With Wilson elevated to the # 2 RB, there is a question as to whether or not he will continue to return kicks. If they decide Wilson's focus will be on offense, it could be that Randle will handle both punts and kicks. That being said, Randle had two very uncharacteristic muffs in the last game that could have been very costly. Randle will be the # 3 at some point, I just don't think it's going to happen now unless the coaches are worried about his fielding punts and/or kicks in which event the only credible player to handle either or both is Hixon.. Hixon has done both returns and WR in games before and may be asked to do that again.
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    Its Hixon. You know the Giants are not huge fans of playing rookies (see David Wilson).

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    Yeah I think Hixon will see time as #3 WR while Randle starts returning both kicks and punts...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Hixon the veteran would be the right guy for now

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    Strategically, I'd pick Randle for 3rd WR and move Hixon to 4th WR and KR spot, where Hixon started as a Giant. I don't think the Giants should continue to use D. Wilson as the KR and taking full-speed hits when they're already thin at the RB position.

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    My Gut Tells me to go with Hixon, but that's my Gut !

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    I think they'd both be good, but I think Randle's gonna get in a nice groove. Maybe HIxon goes back to KR or PR as well as a good fourth receiver.

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