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That play against Minnesota is the only one you are going to be able to go to. Eli Manning is way more clutch than Phil Simms ever was. It is not even a contest.
Utter nonsense.

How's this one - on the biggest stage of them all, the man put on a clinic. If that wasn't an all-time clutch performance I don't know what is.

Let me remind you that #11 is retired along with just ten other player's jerseys. Phil Simms is an all-time great Giant.

And the few of you on here taking shots at him look down right shallow in your retaliation of of those petty words about Eli. Think about it, Phil simply stated Eli wasn't one of the greatest QB's of all time. That's what the man said, and now a few of you guys have turned that into some sort of insult and now are all offended. This is just ridiculous.

And one last thought on this 'clutch' issue. Ever consider the fact that our team finds itself in a position of having to win it in the end so often is not necessarily a positive thing?