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i'm not really .....other than Rodgers i can't think of anyone in the game RIGHT NOW , that i'd rather have
on this team.
but i like to keep it real....is Eli better than Simms ? hell , i dunno i'd take Simms , others would say Eli ...the debate rages on...

but this 'elite" crap is nonsense. neither one of 'em are/were consistent enough for that.

but to say the Giants would have flat out lost both SB games with Simms is quite a stretch.
Phil fared very well in big game situations..
had Phil not been injured we would have crushed Buffalo .
now , with Eli , it's like those Hostetler games...take away a helmet catch...and a Manningham miracle..

i like 'em both ; a little truth in the perspective is all i ask.
I don’t really know if anyone could have crushed Buffalo Bills in 1990 SuperBowl. The SuperBowl against Buffalo Bills would have been played at a much different pace if Phil Simms were the QB instead of Hoss. Now way to really tell but with Phil Simms as QB, we did lose to Buffalo Bills during regular season.

Lets put things in perspective. The “helmet catch” by David Tyree was on 3rd and 5. If he didn’t catch it we had another chance.

The “Manningham Miracle” was a perfectly thrown pass. Plain and simple. The success was possible because of how Eli Manning kept NE Patriots secondary in check that entire game. Patrick Chung was sure Eli Manning was gonna throw to the other side and he slightly cheated. Watch the offensive series throughout the game by us and you can see how Eli Manning kept that secondary on their toes. Heck, if MM catches the pass on the right side two series before the “Manningham Miracle,” we may not have needed such a comeback.