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    Cool Come on guys- Phil Simms is not present day Giants fan, even during his career he

    played GRUMPY......Then Wellington cut him loose

    He respects Eli but has no love for the Giants organization

    He seems to like New England (his old DC- Bellicheck).....He also seems to like SFO, Pittsburg, Jets

    If he does like a particular NFL team (as is a fan) I'd like to know who it is

    Get over his comments about Eli..........Phil wants us to flop back to the mediocrity he found us in when he reported to his 1st Giants training camp.

    Geroge, Parcells, Bellicheck and Phil pulled us out of a 20 year tailspin.......he likes those Giants teams of the 80's

    He is our less vocal "Joe Namath".......Phil cannot relate to the present day Giants and likely does not have a close friend in the entire organization except perhaps John Mara, who's Dad (deceased) stepped in and challenged his uncle Wellington to turn over control to real football people- Roselle settles the family feud by recommending George Young to take over football operations.........George drafted LT and Phil promoted Parcells and the rest is history
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