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Thread: Phil Simms: "No, Eli Is Not One Of The Elites....."

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    Quote Originally Posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
    And to think just a few weeks ago the argument was "is Eli the best QB in the NFL"?
    Seriously. its ******ed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty192 View Post
    Harooni alone will make this thread reach 400 posts.
    lol, i did realize that Simms can be pessimistic at times after playing madden 13. i dont watch much afc games really. I dont think Eli is avg. he is just weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliscruzzz View Post
    Phil Simms was a great Giants quarterback but why, why say this??? I know he gets paid for his opinion but does this mean Romo is an elite qb cause he makes unbelievable plays?? Eli has made unbelievable plays too. 2 That come to mind is sb 42 and sb 46. Man what does this guy have to do to get some respect??
    Simms said it because it is true.

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    this "elite" discussion is absolutely meaningless

    every person you talk to has a different definition of the word as it pertains to a QB

    Eli is our franchise and he will be until he is not anymore

    why not talk about a topic that means something?......because this has absolutely no meaning whatsoever nor does it have an impact on how his play on the field will progress or regress

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    This from Pro Football Today's power ranking after week 10 games:

    11. Giants: Eli Manning doesn’t have a tired arm; his arm is in a coma.

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    At this point, who the hell cares anymore?
    Get well soon #80.
    Updated Giants schedule.
    Week 1: "No excuses"
    Week 2: "No excuses"
    Week 3: "Super Bowl!"
    Week 4: "Super Bowl!"
    Week 5: "Super Bowl!"
    Week 6: "No excuses"
    Week 7: "No excuses"
    Week 9: "No excuses"
    Week 10: "No excuses"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty192 View Post
    And they are real good at it.
    Phil Simms is one of my personal favorite former players. Someone responded that he also wasn't elite, and I agree with that. But Phil Simms was something to watch in that day and he played when beating up the QB was encouraged.

    I don't think the fact that it's Phil Simms saying it makes it any worse or less/more valid than any other talking head.
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    Here we go again. Eli will be elite one day, and not elite another day, then elite, then not. Whatever. He sucks right now. He is having one of the worst stretches in his career. Oh well. If he gets us another championship at the end of the year, he will be elite again. Im tired of this.

    Corey Webster was also elite last year, and now completely sucks this year. Whatevs. Chris Johnson was elite a few years ago, now is a bust. Cam Newtown was elite last year, now sucks.

    Flavor of the week.
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    Eli's 5 interceptions?

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    Phil Simms can say whatever he wants but this is a good thing because this team only plays better when criticized including Eli, people were saying he's the best QB in the league, then he comes out playing like s*** hopefully this will motivate him to play better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliscruzzz View Post
    Rodgers had a bad stretch of games too in the very beginning of the season and no one was saying he wasn't elite. Eli will turn this around.

    I wouldn't necessarily call those a bad stretch of games.

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