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Then why doesn't he freaking act like a lifelong GIANT and support his team? Strahan has no problem supporting his team. It would be one thing if Simms said "We know you have elite talent somewhere in there Eli. We've seen you do it before, so start actually playing like it already!". But he's not. He's ripping on a current member of the team. It would be like if Bucky Dent went out to the media and said "Jeter is nothing special" after the season the latter had in 2012...
But Phil is the media now. Its his job to give opinion-his opinion. Eli doesn't need his support and how can he be considered objective if he suppresses his opinion to support Eli just cuz he currently plays for the team he used to play for?

Phil was on B & C this morning to discuss the issue and he was pretty candid about it. He said he gave his opinion and realized as he was saying it that it would get blown up and cause people to lose their s. He considered for a quick second retracting but didn't because it was his opinion. He also discussed the word Elite and how this is not a term that was used in the NFL up until recently. Before Elite QBs were either Franchise or not. He said Eli is a Franchise QB. Elite almost makes it sound superhero-like. I didn't get to hear the whole thing so i don't know if they asked him who he considered Elite in the league.