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Both those points are pure fantasy. Phil loved Wellington Mara until the day he died. I'm sure he was angry after being released by George Young, but he loved Mr. Mara.
Secondly, Parcells stuck the Giants by quitting after the draft of 1991 where the only option the Giants had was to hire from inside, which was Ray Handley. It was Parcells who quit....and stuck the team in the process. Like they were going to fire a HC who just won his 2nd SB.
I have to agree with you on this one. Phil Simms always spoke fondly of Mr. Mara. I do think that Phil can be a schmuck sometimes but he will always be a NY Giant legend. Phil was a very special talent with a laser canon arm that under a different HC would have probably thrown for 50,000+ yards. He was a tough SOB that was a real character too. Like Joe Namath, what he brought to the game went far beyond stats.

Tuna screwed us and he purposely did it. As smart as the guy is, he was always a spoiled brat with an enormous ego. I still think that it was Bill Bellichek that was the real genius on those NY Giants teams and judging by his success since then, it looks like I am right.