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I think he's even said as much - that he tries to wait to the last possible second and it was sometimes at the sacrifice of some fundamentals. How people are translating that into fear, I don't know - I cant make that connection.
Me neither. I've never seen fear in Eli's eyes. Frustration is the one I see the most when he's hit hard and doesn't complete the pass. Once in a while anger at a receiver going to the wrong spot. It's at times like that, when Eli gets frustrated, and/or angry, that he looks like a whiney brat... which I know makes some people dislike him. It's just the way his face will always look. But, he's quite the opposite of whiney, or afraid. Just a level headed, gooney looking guy who enjoys the competition. Accorsi knew exactly what Eli's temperment was like... easy Eli.