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    The defense was outstanding that game and you could say they "won sb42" however they did the exact opposite and gave up the lead with under 2 minutes to go. That's not subjective, it's not a matter of perception, luck or anything but what it actually was. They gave up the game winning TD and did anything but actually win the game. The contribution was enormous - they didn't win the game.

    It's not a dis on the D - but it's just as foolish as saying it was the offense who LOST the regular season game against the Pats.
    as i recall ....Brady got the ball back , did he not ?
    oh , i guess that game winning defensive stand doesn't count.
    must have been Eli and Plax out there in the dime defense.

    oh that's right Brady had the last at-bat in SB46 too.
    nice defense by Eli and Nicks.
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