In my mind, there are only 3 ELITES


The rest are either really good or just good. Some of those have their ELITE moments

If after 8-10 years, you are not considered a dead lock HOF, you CAN NOT be considered ELITE. Thats my take on what ELITE is

Each person has their own measurements, mine does not require you to win a super bowl. Lets not forget, this is a team sport. Eli doesnt have those superbowls without his defense stepping up and those two miraculous catches. To define a player as ELITE simply on a single quarter of play and what hes done in the Super Bowl in the final minutes of the game is NOT enough.

Im an Eli supporter, hes my guy until he isnt a QB anymore. I've seen the likes of Montana/Marino play the position so I've seen what a GREAT QB looks like.

Eli has flashes of that, he then does his best act to dimish it. He should still have another 7-8 years left in him so there is plenty of time for him to get himself into that discussion as far as Im concerned. At the end of the day, that my take. I dont need anyone telling me different. To each his own!