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    Not sure how to respond to your sardonic post or your reference to railcars (Holocaust) which I find offensive, other than to say that as fans, our expectations from previously great players is to show some loyalty to their team. He was honest, sure, and his honestly felt like a slight. Amani Toomer was honest when he said he through Romo was a better QB than Eli, and it felt like a slight. I'm not saying we should muzzle Simms, simply that his comment was a slight to Eli, and based on Eli's accomplishments, unjust.
    Phil said he believed Eli was HOF'er, but not amongst the elite because he cannot win games on his own.

    Maybe somebody who took offense to Phil's comments can explain how calling Eli a HOF'er is slighting him.

    This idea that Phil needs to call Eli one of the greatest QB's of all-time or he's taking a shot at him and the Giants is just ridiculous.

    Eli has his moments, but he's definitely not amongst the greatest QB's that I've seen play.
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