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We can all disagree about the Phil vs. Eli discussion.
My real point is that suggesting that Eli isn't an "elite" QB isn't an insult to Eli. Its not a slam. Its not sour grapes. Its just one guy's opinion who knows a lot more than we do about playing QB in the NFL.
And he's using his own definition of "elite". Because its very subjective.
To me there are only 3 right now. Brady, Peyton and Brees. i don't include Rodgers yet because I don't love his mental toughness. He's a great talent and a great player but he's still a little mentally inconsistent.
To be honest I could honestly care less about who says who is elite, it is just an opinion and everyone is entitled to them, and I also think that in the end it doesn't matter what people think, all that matters is what happens on the field. The thing that got me is that you made a statement that Simms was just a better football player than Manning and it made me wonder what made you think that.