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    Would you care to define "game manager"?
    Because its used in so many way it seems to have no meaning.
    A quarterback who hands the ball off a lot. Granted that's the offense we ran back in Phil's day but a large part of that was that Phil wasn't the type of QB to drive a team (LT even remarked on this).

    I can think of about two dozen games that Eli was credited with winning "single handedly". I can think of a half dozen that Phil won in this manner (and none that he won so dramatically as Eli has made a habit of).

    Looking it up on Pro Football Reference ( ) Phil has had 17 career come backs / game winning drives, 11 of which were 4th quarter come backs in his 14 year career.

    Eli has had 25 to date, 21 of which were in the 4th quarter in 9 years.

    To compare this to one of the most elite QBs of his time, Joe Montana had 35 game winning drives, 31 of which were in the 4th quarter in his 15 year career. Eli is well on his way to breaking those numbers. To compare this to a contemporary elite QB, Tom Brady has 35 game winning drives, 25 of which were in the 4th quarter in 13 years. Eli is certainly in that ball park.

    That's the difference (to me) between a game manager (and that's not meant to be pejorative in the least) in a conservative offense and an elite game changing QB in an aggressive offense.

    I also happen to believe one dictates the other. In other words, had Phil had Eli's talent, our 80s offense wouldn't have been so conservative.
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