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20 years from now, if you can answer the question (in a heartbeat), "who's was the standout QB at that time period" or "who was the QB that had the wow factor", then he'd belong. Marino, Montana, Peyton, Brady all standout. In the early 90's and and early 2000's was there any QB that really blew your mind? It was a dead period of QBs as far as I'm concerned. If I had to choose a QB, it would be Randall Cunningham. Not because he was the best QB but he was pretty amazing and revolutionary at his position. Same thing with Bo Jackson.

When I go visit the HoF, I want to look at each player and be wowed. It's like comparing Matt Ryan and RG3. Ryan while putting great numbers is very vanilla - boring. Nothing special. RG3 - people will remember.

Edit: Hmm ..maybe Favre would belong ...

Right on. Man....I hated him at the time. Play #5...he threw this ball about 60 yards in the air.


Incredible throw.