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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyy View Post
    At this point, who the hell cares anymore?
    Odell Beckham Junior: The future of the Giants

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud57 View Post
    Phil Simms can say whatever he wants but this is a good thing because this team only plays better when criticized including Eli, people were saying he's the best QB in the league, then he comes out playing like s*** hopefully this will motivate him to play better.
    NOBODY ever said Eli was the best in the league.......not even his mother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyy View Post
    At this point, who the hell cares anymore?
    "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
    You couldn't be more full of **** if you were break dancing in a Port-a-Potty.......Kruunch

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    Elite or not, I am happy to have him, despite any flaws he may have. You have to take the good in with the bad. The thing about Eli haters is that they only look at the bad and the Eli lovers forget about the bad. Stay right down the middle with him and you will be GTG

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    Is Simms an elite analyst? Discuss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnigma View Post
    Is Simms an elite analyst? Discuss.
    I don't watch enough AFC games to actually have a real opinion. My brother though, who is a Bills fan, tells me that he drools over Tom Brady.

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    5 pages so far. 15 more to go

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnigma View Post
    Is Simms an elite analyst? Discuss.
    No he is up there, but once in awhile he says quiestionable things and underperforms multiple boradcasts in a row while others may only have an off day here and there. I think he should get a bye week to collect his thoughts and get away from football before he says anything else that is pointless. Of course he may just not be getting enough helped and exposed to too much bad information and runs with it. His team needs to step it up and stop exposing him to nonsense.

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    Nobody has ever accused Phil Simms of being a great analyst or being unbiased. I think Phil is talking out his butt on this one but I have no hate for him and I am not going to spew anger at him. The guy is a legendary NY Giant and one tough SOB.

    Phil Simms was a great NY Giant. In another system with another coach, he would have had way better stats, although his career stats are not that shabby. The guy did throw for 500+ in a game twice and had a virtually flawless performance in SuperBowl. Heck, Bill Walsh was scrambling trying to trade to draft Phil Simms because of his size, instincts and arm strength. Can you imagine the numbers Phil Simms would have posted in San Francisco under Coach Walsh?

    I have mad love for Phil Simms and will always appreciate what he did for NY Giants. I think Phil is just a little upset because Eli will soon surpass him in virtually every passing category in NY Giants history.

    It is okay Phil. You were great but Eli is The Best QB in NY Giants History.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shane4177 View Post
    Ah Simms himself is/was not elite either.......saw his career stats, nothing special.
    I saw his career. He was very special.

    But anyway....Is it required that only elite QB's can decide what QB is or isn't elite? If so, we all need to shut up.
    Get well soon 80.

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