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People need to check themselves on some of those comments. I'm reminded of the atrocious comments posted on Steve Smith's facebook after he signed with Philly. Although no where near that level, it is just a game.

But Cruz really needs to be a little smarter. After all, these people are only following him on facebook because he is a Giants player. They're not following him because he's trying to be a male model. I think he needs to realize that and realize it quick.

After having yet another stinker he should probably rethink what he posts to his fans, who again, are only following him because he's a Giants player.
Its just a game? Tell that to the freaking giants fans that traveled to Cincy and spent mad doe on tickets, to watch there favorites get destroyed and then they barley get through the front door, and the guy whos gonna be crying for millions of dollars a few months down the road is worried about what "HAT" people think he should wear..lol