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Ok. So what should he do? What actions could he take to make amends? Should he lock himself in a room and watch film for 5 straight days?

Not being the least bit sarcastic or facetious. I'd really like to hear your solution.

These guys are trained to have short memories. You can't dwell on the mistakes or the bad games, because you'll never be able to get past them, and it'll carry over to the next one. Thats what I see Vic doing, and thats what I was taught when I played ball years ago. Forget it, and move on.
I may be missing your point or you may be attaching me to others' comments. Of course there is no way for him to put the tooth paste back in the tube. .............and maybe the reaction is a bit much (I haven't read any of it). However, it is very useful for him to hear from the fans about how they feel. He "poked the bear" and he should know what happens when you do that. My comments were focused on the use of social media by untrained and not so worldly users. Frankly, all of his popularity flows from football so my recommendation would be that during the season, he stick solely to that. In the off season, he can reveal his more nuanced side.

It is also concerning to me that within 24 hours of a devastating loss where he did virtually nothing that he was OK with going off message. Most people, whether the loss was in sports or with family or business, would be involved in introspection and analysis figuring out how to get the ship straightened out.........but he's doing that through hats?

Lastly, at the risk of being redundant it is really all about "appearances" and he appeared totally out of touch with the the people who pay his salary.He could have asked his buddies about choices in hats. Social media puts everything on steroids (bad referece there) and this reaction by fans (remember i said I haven't read it) is certainly an expected outgrowth of an inappropriate comment given what happened less than 24 hours earlier.

This brings me back to my starting point. The result of this speaks for itself. His choices in what to talk about were flawed to say the least. He needs to hire someone who has better judgement along those lines or he should simply stick to football during the season (which IMO would be best).

Lastly, there is a part of me that feels this is a good learning experience for VC. I really like him and think he'll learn from this going forward.