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He is great, which is totally the opposite of what the talking head idiots all predicted he'd be, so they have to take every opportunity to tear him down, and thats why when he goes thru a rough patch they all pounce on him!
He has 2 SB rings...2 SB mvp's.....an impressive number of NFL records....he'll hold every Giants QB record by the time he's done....his legacy is already well on its way of being assured...and he's not done yet don't forget.
He has his loyal fans and his detractors who's minds are made up and can't be changed ....so just keep supporting him and watch him win!!!
Problem is his last name is Manning and he was the first overall pick who forced his way out of San Diego which has shown to be the right move. His legacy is far beyond many with 2 Super Bowls.

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This has been said 1000 times on this board. Whenever there is criticism of Eli someone starts the old "they won't appreciate him until he's gone" thread.

Its been done.......Its boring.
Feel free to ignore the thread then. FYI: Your antics are boring.