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Several players and other Jets employees were extremely critical of backup quarterback Tim Tebow's abilities in a New York Daily News story in Wednesday's edition, with a starter on the Jets' defense even calling Tebow "terrible."
Beat writer Manish Mehta wrote that he talked to "more than a dozen Jets players and members of the organization" about Tebow's potential to get more out of the disappointing Jets offense than struggling starter Mark Sanchez. The answers were not positive.

"We don't look at him as a quarterback," one starter said. "He's the Wildcat guy."
This is the problem I knew the Jets would have, beginning of the season when they got Tebow. This is definitely causing controversy in the locker room. Don't care how optimistic you are, this is definitely the Jets problem and they better fix it up if they want to even have a chance of rebuilding this team. Let's face - this team needs rebuilding.

Will Tebow ever get a chance? Probably not -

"It would take extreme poor play. ... like a five-interception game. Something where it was just ridiculous," he said
Another veteran starter was asked if the team could win with Tebow as its starting quarterback. He asked the reporter if he "had to" answer the question.

Not even the players are confident in Tebow, the "awesome" QB people claimed him to be in Denver. Go figure.

Also, take "ripped" with a grain of salt. Wouldn't want to offend those who think this wasn't or was insulting to poor Tebow.