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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip Empty View Post
    Hard to blame him after the Giants' recent exhibition on how not to play football.
    Precisely. Right now, today, it doesn't look good at all, so Boomer's comments were not off the mark at all. The Giants are playing badly in ALL areas, and I haven't seen a single glimmer of hope in the last 4 weeks to convince me that they can definitely turn it around. It's possible, of course, but some serious changes will have to be made in a few positions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njg85m View Post
    Why do you guys view this as such a ridiculous statement? We are 6-4 and the rest of our schedule is the Packers, Redskins, Saints (who are as good as anyone in the NFL right now), Falcons, Ravens, and finally Eagles. The two "bad" teams on the schedule are a team that already beat us once, and another that almost beat us and is always a tough matchup.

    The Cowboys mean while have the Browns and Bengals while we have the Packers and Falcons.

    So again, why do you guys think that it's such a lock we make the playoffs?

    Edit:The only thing we really have going for us right now is that 8-8 might be enough to win the division this year. and the Cowboys probably don't have enough time to catch up
    In responses to not enough time to catch up... The Cowboys aren't as far back as it may seem. The Giants, of course, have played one more game than the boys, and after this week a win against the Browns would put us at 5-5, with the Giants only being one game better at 6-4.

    Do I think we'll win the division? It's possible. But I don't see anything from the Cowboys to suggest that we'll get our act together and finish games.

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    Great last time he said we had no chacne we went on a tear!

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    Cowboys play two games before the Giants play Greenbay. If they're 6-5, and Giants lose to join Dallas on 6-5, I think they take the division. They're a good team and they'll have an easier run in and all the momentum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ntegrase96 View Post
    Do I think we'll win the division? It's possible. But I don't see anything from the Cowboys to suggest that we'll get our act together and finish games.
    I think it all ends up being on how Romo and his receiving crew communicate from here on out. As long as they play consistent and mistake free football, the Cowboys defense should be good enough to carry them far into the playoffs. Out of the 4 units (Cowboys and Giants), the Cowboys D has been the most impressive and consistent squad.

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    The bye came at a good time.

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    poor boomer,,,you never even won a super bowl neverming being a suoper bowl mvp and you want to bang on eazy? give me a break mr. sour grapes.

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    If we don't fix this mess Dallas will come from behind and win the division, they have a better defense, better running game, and if Romo isn't turning the ball over can actually sustain drives and score TDs, something w'ere still struggling to do.

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    He's probably right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDN_G-FAN View Post
    can anyone seriously blame him?

    Based on the schedule? Absolutely not.

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