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Thread: Giants try out Addai

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    Quote Originally Posted by YATittle1962 View Post
    I heard they are trying out Christian Okoye tomorrow
    Do it up...Nigerian Nightmare was a beast in Tecmo Bowl.
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    my thanks go out to Cowboys Suck. Wilson fumbles in his first regular season game and TC benches him and after 10 games Wilson is SLOWLY gaining his trust again ! Kilbride says there's more than just running the ball well that a RUNNING BACK needs to master. WHAT THE H*ll is this just a bad joke. Both Bradshaw and Barber fumbled plenty when they first started out. Barber had to work constantly learning how to protect the ball. Yeah we know he has to perfect his blocking but running backs RUN. Talented rookie runners are playing this season and are serious threats to veteran defenses. Hows the Redskins rookie look. Wilson has the desire of a Bradshaw and can hit a gap or turn an end quicker than Bradshaw ever good. AB is a bulldog but he says he plays constantly in pain and he just gets use to it. PLAY THE KID. Don't worry about his blocking skills because when gets into his rhythem Eli's play fakes to him will freeze the pass rush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hessian View Post
    Is that English? Someone might need to check your papers to see if you are legit in the country. As long as you're working for less than minimum I am all for you staying. Oh wait it's Gods **** sucker.... all hail Harooni!
    Huh must have gotten a 3 day ban for this post because I cannot find another. Maybe the mods could be a little more specific than "attacking another member" so we know how to review our actions and respond accordingly. How at any point would I not call Harooni what he is? Spell it out for me please.

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    it was obviously because of the attack on an ethnic minority.
    due to the fact that I am from the Woodstock generation ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip Empty View Post
    Addai is a good blocker but a fairly rubbish runner. Exactly what the Giants want from their backs, apparently.

    remember how people tried to explain away that Reese and company really wanted David Wilson versus Doug Martin ?

    I called BS then and doing so now.

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