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    Exclamation We have one of the LEAST QB friendly offenses in the NFL and no one realizes it

    Eli takes SO MUCH ridicule from NFL fans and as sickening as it sounds Giants fans. Eli is absolutely a ****ing ELITE QB in the this league. If you doubt it you're a moron, point blank period. A few poor games because of this miserable offense and now even Giants fans are doubting him? Talk about wishy-washy fans.... it was only a couple of weeks ago everyone was praising his name.

    Kevin Gilbride(while he's a good OC for the most part) calls some of the most predictable, asinine play calling I have ever seen. He runs it on 1st down, 2nd down and then we're forced to throw it on 3rd down.... Geeee well isn't that just tailed made for success? It's no wonder we have one of the WORST red zone offenses in the NFL. (We are the 27th red zone scoring offense)

    Add on that Tom Coughlin holds his loyalty to a washed up once upon a time great O-linemen who now couldn't block a statue if it fell on him. We also have one of the most anemic run games in the league because we hold our loyalty to a guy with 17 foot procedures on each foot and thus has speed comparable to that everyone claimed Jacobs had...or didn't have.

    We have a top 5 receiver that cannot stay or get healthy for the life of him and thus has SERIOUSLY hindered this offense. We have a QB who isn't predominant on targeting his brand name receivers.

    We have a STUD top 10 receiver that can't a catch a pass even if it's a bread basket one over the shoulder for a TD. As great as Cruz is and he is GREAT he struggles sometimes with concentration and or focus.

    If Eli had an offense like GB, or NE, N.O. or the "Peyton offense" (where he can do what he wants when he wants) Eli would have 20 TD's already or damn close to it and less TD's I guaran-damn-tee you that.

    When was the last time you saw us run the no huddle to get a rhythm going? Hell when was the last time you saw us run the no huddle when we were down this season? About as rare as a two dollar bill.

    Few games where he plays poorly(Rodgers, Brady, Peyton, Brees are all exempt from their bad games I guess?) and he's not longer elite. Lol, OK. . .

    Our offense is not made for a QB to have sexy stats. We run, run, run even when the run is getting 0-3 yards all game. We have an EXTREMELY predictable offense. Our offense is predicated on the receivers beating their man. It's not easy to throw on 3rd down all the time when the offense knows you're going to throw. We very RARELY throw it in the red zone.(We have one of the worst red zone offenses in the league because we run it on 1st and 2nd down and then we're forced to throw on 3rd) There's no play action because there's zero threat of a run. The pass protection has been atrocious at times and most recently during this "poor" stretch. Victor Cruz has gone m.i.a. unless he's dropping a breadbasket TD catch. Nicks isn't healthy and hasn't been all season, thus he's been invisible. Martellus Bennett Has a Torn Knee Capsule Bruised ACL & PCL(suffered in week 5 vs Browns).

    Eli has made some poor decisions the past few weeks and it's mainly because of atrocious O-line play and a struggling receiving corps to boot. The O-line ever since Diehl has returned has been abysmal...Snee, Baas all of them pretty much. Diehl allowed 3 sacks alone Sunday.

    Eli trying to make a play makes a bad decision and pays for it.
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