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Blah blah blah. He played fine in it last year and for about 6 games this year. No, I'm not saying he is not a very good QB, but he is struggling now and saying the system is tough is just an excuse. Get it fixed.
"He played fine in it" Yes fine... only 29 TD's.... compared to 35-40+ by others. This offense is not designed for sexy stats, no matter how great Eli is.

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the system is not tough for Eli ....he was basically born in it

we throw on first down more than we run it
I'd be VERY curious to see the break down. Regardless of the stats, when you have an anemic run game yet you still run the ball two consecutive times leaving third and long it makes for a VERY difficult completion.... even more so under the current circumstances with receivers struggling and pass protection being scarce.