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The only thing I'm blaming Eli for is his own poor play. I'm not, nor have I, blamed any one player or coach for our team's poor play. Plenty of blame to go around.
But the OP is essentially excusing Eli's bad play by blaming the rest of the team and the offensive scheme. That notion I reject without hesitation. He has played badly for 5 weeks. The team played great at SF but Eli didn't. Can't blame the rest of the team that day.
I said after the Dallas game that we weren't going to get away with that kind of poor play anymore. Dallas and Washington handed us the game with 10 total turnovers. well starting with the Pittsburgh game, we weren't getting away with it. We have 6 games left and we better pick it up or we may not win another game. Not playing like this. And the QB is one of the culprits. He's the team leader, he's the QB, he has the ball on every play. Better team play will probably start with him.
yeah I'd say on all counts