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OK the premise of this thread is way off base.
Very few QB's have as much control over their offense as Eli. Peyton and Brees do but few others. He has the power at the LOS to read the defense, adjust coverage, adjust routes, change the play. Not just the power but he has the responsibility to do so. He essentially runs this offense. To blame "play calling" is nonsense. Eli is not some rookie that runs the play thats called on the sidelines.
This is not only not a QB unfriendly offense, its an offense that any veteran QB would kill to play in.

This whole "blame everyone else" position is an insult to Eli himself, as if he has no control over the offensive strategy.
The kid threw for 4900 yards last year in this offense. We threw it all over the place. And we're still throwing it much more than we run it still.
Just stop with this.
its friendly for QB's that are smart enough to handle it ,Like Eli. Put an Eagle QB in it u would have a disaster. Alot of the plays people blame Gilbride for its actually Eli changing the play