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Theres a difference between a Quarterback and a Game Manager. Alex Smith is a game manager, Mark Sanchez is a game manager. They're asked to execute a different plan with little risk and not asked to do much anything more.

Tom Brady is a Quarterback, Peyton is a Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers is a Quarterback, Eli Manning is supposed to be a Quarterback.
a QB leads the team to victory, and runs the offense. Right now Eli is doing none of that.

I'm tired of excuses. Of course there are plenty of other players to blame, but Eli also has a share of it to account for.

He's simply not playing like he is expected to.
Tom, Peyton, Aaron and Drew are also all reduced to mere mortals when facing pressure. The Giants dont have superbowl rings if this werent true (specifically of Brady and Rodgers).

Eli just needs to stop doing stupid things that compound the problem. Just take the sack.