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I do not agree with this system being WR unfriendly as well. Its 10 weeks into the season, and they had the entire offseason to get this system down. Hixon and Barden been in the same system for years, there is just no excuse for this. People thought that this system was too complicated for Mario Manningham and he did well as a Giant and looks to be struggling as a 49er (which is a run oriented team). And its not like Eli Manning does not put the extra time in to work with all his receivers and mentor them.

I just think its a lack of talent. Barden has never emerged and just can't seem to fight out the press despite his size. Hixon can never stay healthy, and I really think he lost a step from a couple of years ago. Randle is an immature rookie who was called out from his teammates for being lackadaisical out there. This system may be unfriendly to Bennett because he's just a bonehead and never seems to come through in the redzone. Jernigan...lol where do I start? Look at these guys....Barden, Hixon, and Jernigan has no excuse...its the same damn system, someone needs to step it up because I dont see anything else to back up Nicks and Cruz.
Manningham is a poor example, he really wasn't a great WR with the Giants either. He had a few good games in the playoffs (admittedly when it counted most) but most of the season he wasn't a major factor.

My point was that receivers have a hard time learning the system, as do RBs for that matter. This leads to players not playing a lot in the first and sometimes second year. Once the coaches do have confidence your susceptible to problems if the receiver and QB aren't reading the same things during the play. Don't believe that? Watch the game again, how many times do you see Eli make what looks like a bonehead throw with no receiver even close? Those are when Eli thought the receiver was going to do one thing, and the receiver did something else. The danger here is turnovers. It's a high risk high reward type system. Which is why you see one of the best offenses earlier in the year and arguably the worst in the past 3-4 games... and they are using the same personnel.

Hixon, Randall, Barden and Bennet have all had great games earlier in the season... so much so that they were being praised by even the most critical Giants fans. It's not all on Eli, and it isn't all on the receivers. Some of this is on the coaches who haven't made adjustments to address what defenses are doing, or to take advantage of the talent they have available to them. Your offense doesn't go from best to worst this quickly simply because of one thing... it's a lot of things.