Everyone is out to get us as we are defending champs, we need to rise to the level of competition and not just go through the motions and expect to win because we know how that has turned out!. We need to have some fire and that is what is lacking, call it a Superbowl hangover where every other team is hungry we are just trying to skate by.

We need a chip or some swagger and we need leaders to step up. Tuck needs to step up and not walk around with his head down and tail between his legs. Look at Cam in Carolina ? he doesnt inspire his teammates and sulks. Tuck or whoever needs to gather the troops and get people on same page. Stop blowing coverages in friggin week 11. Get it sorted and make people accountable. Simplify the Defense perhaps if it is too confusing ?. Attack create pressure. Go for it !! we need to string some wins together big time or we can hand over division to Cowboys. People might worry about GB, Atl, Saints but what about eagles who have our # and not to mention Washington to me if not for major injuries is a very solid team and has improved the most.

offensively - Killdrive and TC have been coaching for years and years yet they dont seem to have an answer for sagging offense ? how about keep it simple.
Stop with the WR screen where everyone in the world knows whens it coming and always yields negative yards. How about some simple short yardage throws to get Eli in a rhythm. Dump offs to the backs, rb screens!!. We have big play type wrs that can make up yardage on there own. We dont have to throw these low % 30 yard passes down the sidelines that take a lot to work. Get cruz and Nicks involved early. Cruz is a guy you want to get the ball to often as he can make nifty plays out there once he catches the ball!. keep the balance, bench Diehl and bench Bradshaw. Get Locklear back in and let Andre carry the load for 1 game. I love bradshaw and all that but let Brown start next game he will give us a good run game and make this team a little more balance offensively.