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    The league goes through trends. At one point it was smashmouth football, then came the west coast offense, the greatest show on turf/cover 2, running back by committee, etc. All of it, like bad fashion, is recycled over and over. Right now the Giants' defense was based off of pass rushing and it has been successful to get us to two Super Bowls. When a team is successful, other teams use the blueprint and build off of it, improve upon it or build to counter it.

    Right now the Giants are being countered with slants and killed in the middle. Defenses are countering our offense, though throwing to defenders doesn't help. We are at a point where we were the superior creature in a short psan but now it is time for us to evolve again. Just an observation.
    that was part of my point, wish i stated it better. why aren't the giants adapting better when other teams are countering our defenses, and offenses? we seem to just go with the same crew, just shifted a bit, but still predictable to the teams doing the adjusting to us . if you can't beat em, join em sort of thing. wish the giants were more flexible ,with more looks! the only trick to our games is which Eli shows up, even that , they are starting to exploit more. we need a fresh playbook !
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