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I been saying for a while that Eli Manning carries this team. And I dont know what Reese is going to do, after the Eli Manning Era. Like the original poster said, Eli Manning helps the running game and pass rush as well. Eli Manning can make receivers like Barden look good. I think the lack of talent around Eli is starting to catch up with Reese and the Giants. Nicks is limping around, Bennett is invisible out there, and our running game is so trash we are praying for them not to fumble it. This team cant run the ball against 6 or 7 in the box. You cant tell me that Reese surrounded Eli with adequate talent, Eli cant even step up in the pocket because of Baas and Boothe.. What is Reese doing to this team? Wheres are 3rd receiver, tight end, running backs, offensive line. Reese is working with a tight cap and instead of making a good solution to the problem, he puts a band-aid over it by restructing contracts and getting himself into the same dilemma the next year. Way to go Reese! This man should go back to scouting and lets bring in a GM that has a clue.
Because Reese makes all the decisions about starting injured or inferior players and leaving the healthy/superior talent on the bench... riiiight.