i dont understand why the NFL doesn't just makes the players sign an agreement not to sue the nfl later and just let them play as is.. god dammit, they're getting paid literally millions of dollars.. that has to come as some risk..

i am a firefighter, people in my line of work get paid just handfuls of thousands of dollars a year.. and guess what.. we sometimes breathe in stuff that won't kill us today, but may kill us 10-15 years later.. if i get sick when I'm 50-60 can I sue my department for that? No.. it's a risk we take to do our job.. those damn players get paid MILLIONS to freaking play a game.. if they get injured (whatever form) shouldn't it be their responsibility..??

you know whats a good way not to have concussions? no't play football.. i can guarantee a mostly concussion free life if you don't play football.. but if you want the glamor and money and life that pro football brings, then suck it up and take the injuries that MAY come and don't come back and sue the league that gave you opportunity to be filthy rich in the first place..

just my dos centavos..