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Thread: The New York Giants Whats Goin On?

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    LOL GREAT video as always brother.... it is pathetic that we can flip a switch just like that..... but thank God we are capable of doing so

    Time to put that theory to the test Sunday and right this ship Sunday vs the Packers.
    ALL IN!!!!!!!!

    I'm ALL IN are you?

    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

    #80 - Get well soon Vic
    #90 - Get well soon JPP

    ...This fan base is clueless...

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    Just watch the video tape on the two INT's. In the past with pressure and people hanging on Eli's right side he would simply transfer the ball to his left hand for the surprise left handed pass. For some reason either Gilbride scratched the left handed toss or Eli may have an unknown injury to his left hand or arm. No other reason for Eli to force the right handed pass when it's not there. Gilbride needs to explain!

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    I am glad you are back mr. chuck knoxx,,I thought we may have lost you.,,awesome as always.

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    Thanks for video.

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    Mr. Knoxx thank you for your fine cinema!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Chaos View Post
    Mr. Knoxx thank you for your fine cinema!
    Thanks man, appreciate everyone who checked this and every video out.
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