I used to be allowed to have non-related Giants graphics in my signature. It was just a signature showing my stats for Battlefield 3. Being that I'm ranked 50th in the World with the M5K, I liked showing it off. It's not an offensive signature, it was just from this site http://bf3stats.com/stats_360/The%20...rg500#start_50 that has signatures of all types that updates your signature in real-time. I don't know what happened while I was gone, perhaps people abused it as I used to see women in thongs and whatnot, but my signature is just from a video game and well, I feel naked without a signature.

Can we please bring back the ability to use non-football related signatures? As long as they're work safe, I don't see why not. I remember when the forum didn't even allow users to post pictures because people abused that feature, but it's not fair to the users because some people don't know how to act.

This was the signature I was using

I've been on and off these forums for over ten years, way back during the Dave Brown era, so I'm not new, despite the fact that my join date isn't as old. I just would forget my log in info at times and my e-mail address. I thank the mod who revived (LOL I play BF3 too much) this account for me. Any community input would be appreciated, as I'm sure there are others who like graphic design and have had non-football related signatures of their own.

This is the only forum I post on, so of course I'd love to use said signature above. If it's offensive, there are other ones, but I don't see why it would.