Excerprt: "As one of the last NFL teams to reach their bye week, the New York Giants are undoubtedly welcoming a technical week off from a game that counts towards their 2012 season record. That ’12 record so far is 6-4, not the reverse. Quarterback Eli Manning remains positive heading into the much-needed bye.

"We're still in a good position," said Manning. "If you said after 10 games, we'd be winning our division, you take that every time."

It’s been discussed already that so much more is expected from this Big Blue franchise than what’s been exhibited thus far. High expectations lead to swift letdowns and ensuing hasty negative reaction. Welcome to football fandom. Here’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the brief relaxation that accompanies a bye week for the fans as well as some of the players.Every year, our beloved G-Men unfortunately have a less than stellar game/performance. Walk into a weekend off knowing it is over and hopefully part of the previous half of this 2012 season. Leave stress where it belongs: in the past where seven days ago remains. There is still football to watch. If you are that diehard and can’t go without some Giants for a week (umm, ya' made it through the offseason), watch one of the many DVDs out there. They are seriously happier-ending ones, too." Read more..