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    Fixing The Giants' Offense: High-Flying Unit Has Crash Landed


    Excerpt: "The New York Giants' offense has been missing in action for the past few weeks. Let's look at some of the issues and see if we can find any solutions.The Running Game

    The Giants were last in the league in rushing a season ago with an average of 89.2 yards per game. Since the season began there has been a heavy emphasis on improving in that area, and throughout the first few games it looked like the Giants had managed to do that.

    The Giants have improved statistically. They are 13th in the league with an average of 111.4 yards per game, and are getting 4.4 yards per carry after getting only 3.5 a season ago. They have had several outstanding performances.

    Week 3 -- Andre Brown, 20 carries for 113 yards

    Week 5 -- Ahmad Bradshaw, 30 carries for 200 yards

    Week 6 -- Bradshaw, 27 carries for 116 yards

    Since then, however, the Giants have not been nearly as good.

    Week 7 -- Bradshaw totaled 43 yards. Week 8 -- Bradshaw got 78 yards, but it took 22 carries. Week 9 -- Bradshaw carried 15 times for only 48 yards. Week 10 -- Andre Brown led the Giants with 65 yards on just seven carries.

    Valentine's View:
    Bradshaw's health has to be part of the issue, as we discussed earlier in the week. He just doesn't seem to be the home run threat he was earlier in his career, or even earlier this year. His longest run in the past four weeks is 15 yards.

    I have been advocating more carries for Brown for weeks now, and it seems like the Giants might be ready to move in that direction. That would be a good thing as, right now, he just seems more explosive than Bradshaw.

    The other thing is this, though. Brown might give the Giants an upgrade between the tackles over a banged-up Bradshaw but the Giants need some big plays out of the running game.

    That is what they drafted David Wilson in the first round for, only Wilson has not yet gained the trust of the coaching staff. When he does, when the Giants can put him on the field without it being obvious that he is getting the ball, the running attack will be better for it." Read more...
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    Play-action on Wilson == best way to get Cruz open.

    Thank you Reddit for the best gif ever.

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    I think that Brown has a some big play ability; however, Wilson has that break away speed. I'm thinking that's the one two punch. They really need to let Bradshaw to get healthy../

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Chaos View Post
    I think that Brown has a some big play ability; however, Wilson has that break away speed. I'm thinking that's the one two punch. They really need to let Bradshaw to get healthy../
    I was saying that Bradshaw needed to rest after that niners game. Just rest him for the skins game, and he'd be healthy enough vs the cowboys and steelers. But TC still ran him into the ground. That's how you ruin a running back's career...

    Thank you Reddit for the best gif ever.

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    apparently , everybody knows about this and Diehl but TC.
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