Yeah, their D is not that great again this yr. I saw the Jets & Hawks games & how they almost blew the game vs the Jets & the comback by Seattle, that may be another reason they run up the score, their D might blow a close one. Be that as it may, NE has scored 50+ on teams more than any other team these past 7-8 yrs. They also tend to win alot of their games by double digits as well. Matter of fact, this is the 2nd time this yr they put up 50+ on a team & their 3 losses are by a combined 4 whopping pts! They've outscored their opponents by 133 pts. So they tend to win by alot & lose by very little.

At 7-3, they are already 3 up on the rest of the pathetic AFCE teams & should finish with the # 2 seed at the very least. #1 seed if they beat the Texans in a few weeks. Texans & 49ers are the only 2 tough teams left on their schedule, so 12-4 or 13-3 again for this team.

If the Giants can make it to the SB again, I don't know if I want us facing NE a 3rd time as 3rd time might be the charm for them. And you know they would want nothing more than to destroy & humiliate us 58-14 as payback for their 2 SB losses to us.

Kinda want a shot at the Ravens for payback on our only SB loss or Pit due to the fact that a Giants/Steelers SB would be a slobber knocker slugfest!