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    Scoring more points. lol

    Special Teams must tackle effectively.

    Offense, Convert on 3rd downs. Balanced attack.

    Defense, too often they have played great on 1st ans 2nd down. Then on a 3rd and long they allow a big pass play that creates a 1st vdown. So improved play on 3rd and long. Consistency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvelousmik View Post
    I think the key is our offense. On defense i think you pretty much know what you're going to get. Green bay will be able to run effectively and pass against us. Guys are going to be wide open across the middle of the field and the packers will move the ball on us. But there are going to be times where our defense will be able to get stops in the red zone, where green bay will be forced to kick a field goals. We may even force a punt or 2.

    It will be up to our offense to answer back and keep us in the game. I think the biggest problem with our team is our offense right now. Our defense gives up a lot of big plays but they always find ways to get our offense back on the field. The only problem is that our offense tends to go 3 and out bringing the defense back out.

    It would be wishful thinking to assume Rodgers wont scorch this defense a little. They have one of the best offenses in the league. Our defense cant seem to cover the middle of the field and is pretty bad in zone. However they will still keep us in the game some how. It is up to our offense to pull their weight.

    I cant go on much longer with the nicks get out of jail free card. I honestly dont think his injury is that bad to the point where he cant make any plays. I thought he ran well vs the steelers and he came out and had a good game vs the bengals. I fully expect him to pull his weight now. No more excuses. If his injury is that bad then puthim on IR. He had 2 weeks to rest. Cruz and bennett needs to seriously stop with the dropped passes because its killing us.

    I think you pretty much know what you will get from DD. He will give up a few sacks this game. But we cant let that keep us down. Last but not least we need to execute and people need to be on the same page. we cant afford to run the wrong routes miss throws or leave play open. Bradshaw needs to hold on to the damn ball.

    If we are going to win this game our offense will need to play good.
    In short...the Giants have to do exactly what they did against Green Bay in the playoffs last year.
    It's no secret...we already know how to beat them, the Giants just have to bring their A game and do it!

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