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And this is the hit..? Really? Not even helmet to helmet.. when can you hit a receiver then?! when he's celebrating in the endzone? Thats a GREAT football play.. thats what you get teached to do as a defensive player, to time it just right.. even with the NFL's ridicolous rules, that play is legal.. he hit him in the chest for crying out loud.. not the back.. not the side.. not the head or helmet.. not the knees.. in the chest with his shoulder.. that has to be a noncall

i dont understand that ****ing rule.. if ogletree catches it then it's a legal hit no? if he catches it and gets the ball dislodged from the hit it's also legal.. but because the guy doesn't catch it.. the defender is supposed to stop in mid air in half a second and not hit him?!

Wow that was total bs the guy hit him from behind and the other held up Olgertree fell into him. I don't know how defenses can even play anymore that was a total gift for the Cowboys.